About Our Real Estate Services

With many years of experience in real estate, you can be assured the highest quality service. We can also provide assistance to either a Retailer or Landlord. Combine all of this with extensive knowledge of real estate law practices, and you have the full service staff of Lofchie & Associates.

Our Other Services

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Judd Lofchie & Gordon Hanson have had a lot of experience managing, residential, industrial, office and retail properties.  We are very hands on and help the Association or Owners with property inspections and then put together a budget.  Because Judd Lofchie is an attorney with 30+ years as an attorney, he is very familiar with the legal processes involved in management.

Retail Development, Leasing and Sales
Representing the Interest of the Retailers

About Our Attorney Services

Concentrating in real estate, estate planning, and business law, Judd Lofchie has dedicated his career to protecting the interests of individuals and businesses. He also brings to his clients a wealth of diverse professional experiences – a background in real estate, a graduate degree in international law, and employment with a Wall Street firm.
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Law Services

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